Remote Infrastructure Support

What is remote infrastructure management?

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of an organisation entirely or in parts from a remote location. It so happens that the entire physical infrastructure is geographically separated from the management of the IT services. Most large organisations operate across geographies with various functional areas functioning from different locations. The IT infrastructure that forms the base of these operations are also scattered across geographies to support the various functional areas. RIM helps in managing the IT infrastructure centrally with greater coordination and ease of maintenance and reparability. Most organisations outsource the entire RIM processes to other IT service providers which have experience as well as expertise in managing IT infrastructures.

Remote Centralized Monitoring

Cyberjeet in-house RCM tool is helping sponsors save 40% in Site Management costs. Netbuild Tech offers Remote Central Monitoring (RCM), a solution to pharmaceutical industry in revolutionising the trial conduct in clinical site monitoring space. It is an innovative approach to clinical trial monitoring encompassing remote monitoring, risk based/ targeted monitoring, adaptive monitoring and onsite monitoring. Our solution enables process efficiencies and efficient resource utilization. Onsite monitors, the front line support for clinical trials, focus on strategic activities that require high touch. In RCM, our central team of remote monitors work in collaboration with global onsite monitors to complete the monitoring tasks and perform real time data review and analysis.